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Kalinovka Map v2.0.0.1 for FS22

26 December 2023 admin 318 0
Kalinovka Map v2.0.0.1 for FS22

Category - Maps
Version game - v1.13.x
Credits: - Steem (RMG)
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Description about «Kalinovka Map v2.0.0.1 for FS22»:

Download mod Kalinovka Map v2.0.0.1 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game.

Kalinovka - is a fictional card of standard size 2x. The location of fields and villages was based on real terrain, but on a smaller scale. A special feature of the map is the absence of post-Soviet style; all objects are made in the time range of 2000 - 2020. The map is suitable for both fans of classic agriculture and players working with forests.

Features Kalinovka Map:
1. New crops: alfalfa, clover, rye, carrots.
2. 108 plots for purchase.
3. 65 fields with the ability to combine.
4. The map is adapted to Precision agriculture.
5. The map is compatible with the Maize Plus mod.
6. Farmer-style player base with the ability to sell objects.
7. Pedestrian traffic.
8. Unique car traffic.
9. Unique Russian license plates.
10. Unique objects: houses, factories, electrical networks, fences, road signs, etc.
11. Two reservoirs.
12. Sophisticated transport logistics.
13. More than 35 unique pallets with products.
14. Main productions: sugar factory, meat processing plant, dairy plant, oil extraction plant, bakery, juice plant, sawmill, apiary, firewood production, pallet factory, furniture workshop, ketchup, chips and pasta factory.

Tested on game version 1.13.x
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Reason: Mod Updated to v2.0.0.1

Screenshots with «Kalinovka Map v2.0.0.1 for FS22»
Kalinovka Map v2.0.0.1 for FS22 Kalinovka Map v2.0.0.1 for FS22 Kalinovka Map v2.0.0.1 for FS22 Kalinovka Map v2.0.0.1 for FS22 Kalinovka Map v2.0.0.1 for FS22 Kalinovka Map v2.0.0.1 for FS22

Changes in v2.0.0.1:
- Fixed spice tray
- Fixed maps with layers: fertilizers, plowing, etc.
- Minor optimization fixes.

Changes in v2.0:
1. The area near the hardware store has been increased.
2. Added support for Multiple Terrain Angles (360 degree soil).
3. A script has been added to increase the number of pens for animals from 10 to 64.
4. Added to the store: a new type of PE fences at a better price, silos of different volumes for all crops on the map, new PE lighting masts, cowsheds, pigsties.
5. Silo pits have been added to the store that support new crops: clover and alfalfa. I will tell you everything about feeding animals in a separate post.
6. A modern livestock complex has been added to the map, which includes a cowshed for 300 heads and 3 pigsties each for 200 heads. All objects were textured to match the style of the map. If you don’t like the way I built it, then you can sell all the buildings and build something of your own. Of course, such a complex cannot be cheap, so the price for it is not small. If you only need a plot, then you can get part of the money by selling the complex’s objects and, in general, reach a fair price for the plot.
7. At site No. 6, the area for construction has been prepared. The entrance to it passes through plot No. 4, but if you manage to buy plots No. 5 and No. 12, then you can make a road directly to the elevator.
8. The forest and the map as a whole have been optimized, FPS has become more stable.
9. All new crops from the DLC are integrated into the map.
10. A new production facility has appeared at the AgroProduct factory - canned products from DLC.
11. Added a point of sale for all root vegetables.
12. All triggers have been corrected, for which special thanks to Alexander Meshkov (channel SHURIK_GAMER - https://www.youtube.com/@_gamer9126)
13. Prices for some goods and crops have been changed.
14. Added tree item to the price table.
15. The sound of production at the firewood factory has been reduced.
16. The cost of selling straw has been increased by 20%.
17. Fixed a problem with the sale of wood chips.
18. There will be no more accidents between traffic at the intersection near the gas station. Small traffic adjustments have also been made.
19. All stumps and decor on islands in fields can be sold using the construction menu.
20. The flight altitude of the aircraft has been increased, the sound has been made a little quieter.
21. Minor visual errors.
22. The speed of selling firewood has been increased, the trigger has been adjusted.
23. Added to animal feed: red beets and parsnips.
24. Crops for harvesting with corn headers have been fixed.
25. Fixed missing texture in loader belts.
26. Added 2 descents near the stream to collect water.
27. Fixed lack of collision on some objects.
28. The spawn of pallets at the pallet factory has been changed.
29. The yield of some crops has been changed.
30. Added sales points for cotton, grapes and olives.
31. Increased capacity in production and points of sale.
32. The ability to produce from sugar cane has been added to the sugar factory.
Simple steps to install FS22 Mods:
- Download the mod «Kalinovka Map v2.0.0.1 for FS22»
- Copy the mod in ,,My Computer> My Documents> My Games> Farming Simulator 2022 > mods" folder
- Start the game, activate the mod

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