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Fendt Katana 850 Forage Harvester v1.5 for FS22

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Category - Combines
Version game - v1.14.x
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Description about «Fendt Katana 850 Forage Harvester v1.5 for FS22»:

Mod Fendt Katana 850 Forage Harvester v1.5 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game.

Fendt Katana 850 - is a self-propelled forage harvester designed for efficient grass and maize harvesting. It is equipped with a powerful MAN engine that delivers up to 850 horsepower, ensuring excellent performance in the field. The Fendt Katana 850 has a spacious cab that offers a comfortable ergonomic design, and it is equipped with a top-quality multifunctional armrest with touch controls for easy and efficient operation.

Features Fendt Katana 850:
- Price: 450,000 €
- Power: 623 kW / 847 HP
- Engine: Liebherr D976
- Max. Speed: 40 KM/H
- Weight: 17.5 Tonne
- Capacity: Diesel - 1215 L / DEF - 190 L / Silage Additive - 215 L / Lubrication Grease - 10 Kg
- GPS (requires Guidance Steering mod)
- Special Edition Paint
- Polispec© NIR Sensor
- Front Safety Signs
- Rear Warning Signs
- Pipe Worklights
- Main Color
- Rim Color
- Wheels

Tested on game version 1.14.x
Last edited by: admin - 9-06-2024, 16:19
Reason: Mod Updated to v1.5

Screenshots with «Fendt Katana 850 Forage Harvester v1.5 for FS22»
Fendt Katana 850 Forage Harvester v1.5 for FS22 Fendt Katana 850 Forage Harvester v1.5 for FS22 Fendt Katana 850 Forage Harvester v1.5 for FS22 Fendt Katana 850 Forage Harvester v1.5 for FS22 Fendt Katana 850 Forage Harvester v1.5 for FS22 Fendt Katana 850 Forage Harvester v1.5 for FS22

Changes in v1.5 (1.14.x):
– Added custom Fendt Katana minimap position icon for Dashboard Live
– Fixed visibility of Dashboard Live position icon on startup
– Added metallic plate for secondary connection hose point
– Revised certain shop options, removed certain files
– Fixed i3d element position on HT 700 trailer
– Updated modDesc to 80, updated translations
– Removed flashers from Fendt 1050 option
– Added EU/US warning sign shop options
– Added animated front PTO i3d element
– Added new twin tire options

Changes in v1.4 (1.13.x):
- Additional Blender work on engine pulleys to increase visual accuracy
- Added large cooling radiator to engine with spinning blade animation
- Added transparent mesh cone door panel with IC animation + sounds
- Fixed various physics + movement issues on wheels/crawlers in XML
- Added many new 3D elements to model to improve visual accuracy
- Added rear beaconlight visibility in 850 or 1050 shop options
- Added in-cab storage compartment, with IC animation + sounds
- Added several new IC commands for external header control
- Added additional connection hose types to rear attachers
- Separate ball + hitch connector types added to rear
- Added support for Tool Height Control (see NOTES)
- Various fixes, adjustments and i3d optimisations
- Added new IC command to manually activate beeper
- Added functional in-cab radio with illumination
- Added compressed air nozzle to Katana engine
- added new external maintenance light via IC
- Added new IC armrest animation incl. sounds
- Updated modDesc to 79, updated translations
- Added thermos to cabin via IC, incl. sounds
- Added new GPS receiver options (see NOTES)
- Added new shop option for rear worklights
- Added QR code, scan this with your phone
- Added rear weight with reflector options
- Revised design of certain shop options
- Updated HT 700 strobe flash sequence
- Added animated belt drive to engine
- Removed tablet from passenger seat
- Removed Exhaust Extension support
- Added Tire Pressure functionality
- Revised custom paint job options
- Added support for Vehicle Years
 Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.3:
- Added dedicated Dashboard Live screen to in-cab monitor, see NOTES for more information
- Added camera elements to Katana 850 i3d in order to enhance the Camera View system
- Katana 850 i3d file optimization, new engine i3d elements, rear axle decals fixed
- Camera View system has 3 dedicated camera angles to select: front / pipe / rear
- Added selectable in-cab monitor screens via IC, see NOTES for more information
- Added side decal shop options to Katana 850, minor decals and XML changes
- Added dedicated IC button to activate internal engine light from in-cab
- Spartan 700, 200FB and P3003 now have a required horsepower XML entry
- Added beacon light to Lizard HT 700, added IC control to move support
- Updated DEF download link as modhhub version has LUA errors
- Added new brand decal to P3003, new color option added
- Added cabin air conditioning via IC, incl. IC sound
- Adjustments to Lizard HT 700 lights and reflectors
- New special edition paint jobs for the Katana 850
- Added new wheels + shop options to Lizard HT 700
- Added dual front wheels + crawler track options
- Overhaul of modDesc text, links and IC commands
- Added Capello Spartan 700 side cutter knives
- Added reverse beep shop option to Katana 850
- Added Sunvisor to Katana 850 cabin via IC
- Shop option added for Camera View system
- Added several new DisplayBrand images
- New Kemper 400F shop + color options
- Added custom IC sounds
Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.2:
- Added new 3D elements to HT 700, incl. move support, decals, lights, licence plate etc.
- Added animations and full axis control to external mirrors via IC, incl. sounds
- Added new 3D elements, decals and multiple shop options to the Kemper 400 F
- Updated credits, text formatting, minor changes, price adjustments, XML etc.
- Updated emissive cabin lights, added new emissive lights to buddy seat
- Added HT 700 header trailer for easy transport of the Spartan 700
- Added new object changes to Katana 1050 configuration
- Added IC functionality to wipers, 4-way wiper control
- Added tablet on buddy seat, minor cabin adjustments
- Added new 3D elements and decals to Kemper 490 Plus
- Mod updated to be Giants testrunner 8.13 compliant
- Fix invalid color code, updated modDesc to 77
- Added new 3D elements to Katana 850 engine
- Added Kemper 400 F Comfort Support Wheel
- Added Kemper 490 StalkBuster support
- Added Forage Straw pickup support
- Added Camera System support
- New store and mod icons

Changes in v1.1:
- Spartan 700 features opening panels via IC, new animated elements incl. PTO, gear wheel and chain + connection hoses
- Kemper 490 Plus features custom PTO connection and extensive new decals added, new sound scheme added
- Fendt P3003 features opening panel via IC, new animated elements incl. cogs, gear wheels and chains
- Extensive 3D modeling performed on the Spartan 700, many new elements for visual accuracy
- Added Fendt 200FB, Capello Spartan 700, Fendt P3003 and Kemper 490 Plus headers
- Fendt 200FB features a custom PTO attachment and new connection hose
- Beacon lights changed to base game assets based on feedback
- Exclusive PTO attachment created for each custom header
- Added new IC buttons to turn on more in cabin functions
- Fix missing object change on front safety shop option
- Updated modDesc to 75, minor fixes and changes
- Steering wheel base animation sounds changed
- Further improvement to decals image quality
- Removed unnecessary text from modDesc
- Added Pipe Control for forage harvesters
- Added Katana 1050 motor configuration
- Added custom Interactive Control icons
- Added new language translations
- Fix GPS functionality in XML
- Added new color options
- Fix seat decal

Changes in v1.0:
- first release
Download #2 | Download #3
Simple steps to install FS22 Mods:
- Download the mod «Fendt Katana 850 Forage Harvester v1.5 for FS22»
- Copy the mod in ,,My Computer> My Documents> My Games> Farming Simulator 2022 > mods" folder
- Start the game, activate the mod

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