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Interactive Control Script v1.1.1 for FS22

admin 09/05/23 146
Interactive Control Script v1.1.1 for FS22 Mod Updated to v1.1.1

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Download mod Interactive Control Script v1.1.1 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game. 

Interactive Control - is a global script mod for Farming Simulator 22. While this mod is active, you are able to use many other mods that support Interactive Control. With IC you get the possibility to control many parts of several (prepared) vehicles interacitvly. 'IC' provides different possibilities to interact with your vehicles. You can use click icons that appear when you turn on IC or when you are nearby. Another way for interactive handling is a key binding event. The controls are able to be used as switch or to force a state. All interactions are generally possible to use from the inside and the outside of a vehicle.

Features Interactive Control:

- Play animations (e.g. to open/close windows, fold/unfold warning signs, ...)
- Call specific functions (e.g. Start/Stop Motor, TurnOn/Off tool, Lift/Lower attacher joints, ...)
- ObjectChanges (to change translation/rotation/visibility/...) 

Changes in v1.1.1:

- Updated translations: russian
- Fixed InteractiveButtons not working

Tested on game version 1.9.x

Interactive Control Script v1.1.1 for FS22 Interactive Control Script v1.1.1 for FS22 Interactive Control Script v1.1.1 for FS22

Changes in v1.1:

- Added translations: italian, russian, polish, czech
- Added mod compatibility with 'FS22_additionalGameSettings'
- Added auto spec insertion into more vehicleTypes
- Added various warning messages while functions are called
- Added various new functions, see README
- Added various settings in game menu
- Fixed not working while indoor cameras use outdoor sounds
- Fixed various small things
- Optimized function for attacherJoints lift/lower for more functionality

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