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Upper Mississippi River Valley Map (MMRV) v2.1 for FS22

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Version game - v1.9.x
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Description about «Upper Mississippi River Valley Map (MMRV) v2.1 for FS22»:

Download mod Upper Mississippi River Valley Map (MMRV) v2.1 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game.

Upper Mississippi River Valley (UMRV) - Welcome to Upper Mississippi River Valley. This is a fictional 4x map based on the northeast region of Iowa.  This is Upper Mississippi River Valley from FS17 (by DR Modding) converted by Antler22 to FS19 and now fully converted for FS22 game. All modifications are done by DJ Modding.

Features Upper Mississippi River Valley (UMRV):

- Corn Dryer is inbuilt in map produces dry corn from corn, NEED to OWN LAND for use.

- Custom harvestore is inbuilt into the map and produces silage from grass/alfalfa/clover/chaff, NEED to OWN LAND for use.

- Whiskey, Beer, Wine, Ethanol, Chips, Soymilk, Pasta, and Oatmeal custom productions are included in the map.

- Map has two new crops, Alfalfa and Clover, which can be mowed as grass and baled, food for animals. Credits to Lancyboi.

- Custom crop textures for corn by AW Modding, Wheat, and barely destruction by SeriousMods.

- Corn and Soybeans can now output cornstalks and bean straws which can be baled and sold for extra bucks.

- Working traffic signals, script by Achimobil. 

- Map has Custom Geo inbuilt. Corn and Soybeans can be planted in spring and harvested in winter.

- Map has additional ground textures and can be used in paint mode. 

- Custom lighting added, orange sunrise and sunset, darker nights. 

- Map has 63 arable lands, ranging from medium to large, and a few meadows. 

- Custom flat bottom grain bins added across farms and NEED to OWN LAND for use.

- Custom Iowa license plates added.

- 7 custom farm areas on the map with 9 dairy barns and 3 pigsties. Need to buy land to own. 

- Added Anhydrous Ammonia as a new fertilizer type. Propane added.

- 2 Fire Stations are added to the map with animated doors.

- All farms have fuel triggers. I left out the house trigger so players can add their own triggers. 

- 10 sell points included and vary for each product. Train silo and train sell point added. 

- There is a John Deere Dealership, There are dealer vehicles that can only be used as demo equipment. 

- There is a bulk feed shop for buying seeds, lime, herbicide, fertilizer, anhydrous, and propane.  

- Added sell point for chaff. Sell point also takes Silverrun DLC map products.

- Added custom sounds across the map. Various buildings have smoke effects.  

- Multi-Terrain Angle installed, using 32 angles.

- Map is completely Error-free and just a few small warnings that are harmless.

Tested on game version 1.9.x

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Screenshots with «Upper Mississippi River Valley Map (MMRV) v2.1 for FS22»
Upper Mississippi River Valley Map (MMRV) v2.1 for FS22 Upper Mississippi River Valley Map (MMRV) v2.1 for FS22 Upper Mississippi River Valley Map (MMRV) v2.1 for FS22 Upper Mississippi River Valley Map (MMRV) v2.1 for FS22 Upper Mississippi River Valley Map (MMRV) v2.1 for FS22 Upper Mississippi River Valley Map (MMRV) v2.1 for FS22

Changes in v2.1:

- Fixed terrain shader issue with game version 1.9.1

Note - New save is not needed. This fixes the issue with game version 1.9.1

Changes in v2.0:

- Soy straw and corn stalks can now be added to mixer wagons to be processed into normal animal straw (can be used for bedding or PMR).
- Added additional farmland that can be purchased on the map, now their total number has increased to 81.
- Changed the growth cycles of alfalfa and clover (to match the base grass crop). Alfalfa and clover will regrow after harvest and will yield more than grass.
- Updated tedding and swathing effects for alfalfa and clover (previously they used the base game effects of grass).
- Updated the texture of soy straw (previously it was used in the same way as corn stalks).
- Added crop destruction for rapeseed, oats and soybeans.
- Added bale feeding mechanism to all fermentation silos to allow direct bale acceptance.
- Fixed issues with mixer carts, they can now use alfalfa, clover, beans and corn stover to create TMR.
- Fixed issues with fields 44,49,50,56 where the AI was planting crops even if they belonged to the player.
- Fixed bugs due to which some types of tall weeds could not be plowed or mowed.
- Fixed issues that caused the harvest from the corn dryer and harvester to increase every day.
- Fixed issues with the new Gowiel add-on not working with card and bale types, as well as with game update 1.9.
- Reduced the custom sound values in the city to a bit low.

Simple steps to install FS22 Mods:
- Download the mod «Upper Mississippi River Valley Map (MMRV) v2.1 for FS22»
- Copy the mod in ,,My Computer> My Documents> My Games> Farming Simulator 2022 > mods" folder
- Start the game, activate the mod

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UMRV Multifruit Edit BETA:

This is not a mod!!! Unzip and replace each files and folders in the original mod folder.


- Added baby animals: calves, heifers, foals, lambs, chicken chicks, piglets etc.and new animals: goats, ducks (also with baby stages)

- Added special feed requirements

- Animals eat more but produce more (like in maize plus).

- Added new crops: buckwheat, beans, mustard, rice, chickpeas, linseed (harvested with grain cutter; has it own straw called flax fiber) and new grain: rye and millet. Added carrot and onions as a new root crop and and also as a animal fodd.

Credits: Jinkou89, DJModding