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Production Revamp v1.4.2 for FS22

admin 25/09/23 172
Production Revamp v1.4.2 for FS22 Mod Updated to v1.4.2

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Download mod Production Revamp v1.4.2 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game. 

Production Revamp - is a script which reworks the internal production system, expands it and adds various functions. Revamp itself is the basic script mod, but also independently extends productions with additional comfort functions. Revamp aims to revamp the internal production system of Farming Simulator 22. It expands it and adds various functions to it. Revamp itself is the base script and already offers some nice options no matter what map you're using. 

Features Production Revamp:
Automatically available for all productions:
* Automatic line break in recipe display for input and output page (4 ingredients per line).
* A colored display of the recipes makes it easier to see why a production is not producing. Where: white - available, red - not available but required, orange - not available and not required.
* Possibility to buy goods in the production menu for a production for double the market price.
* Priority system: Incoming goods can now be set to different priorities via the production menu and will be distributed based on these priorities. The following applies: Priority 1 is most important and will get the goods first until the warehouse is full. Priority 2 only afterwards, etc. Inputs can also be deactivated, in which case they will not receive any deliveries.
* Only active production lines can be supplied via the distribute mode.
* New output mode available: Sell Directly, Distribute, Outsource (Previously Keep) and Swap In (New). If a production is set to storage, it does not automatically spawn pallets.
* Added manual pallet, bale and wood spawner - All productions with pallet spawner can also manually spawn pallets and bales - via the menu or a trigger.
* Production delivery costs are now reported separately (previously part of production costs).
* Productions that are mission objectives can accept unlimited goods from missions until the mission is completed. Mission goods no longer end up in the production itself during missions.
* Display of the maximum storage quantities and the corresponding units.
* Sort productions alphabetically and filter by active/inactive.
* In the case of productions, it is displayed whether they are running in parallel (II) or distributed (Y).
* Own settings menu.

Tested on game version 1.12.x
Production Revamp v1.4.2 for FS22 Production Revamp v1.4.2 for FS22 Production Revamp v1.4.2 for FS22 Production Revamp v1.4.2 for FS22 Production Revamp v1.4.2 for FS22 Production Revamp v1.4.2 for FS22

Changes in v1.4.2:
- Fixed a Bug with manually spawning logs

Changes in v1.4.1.4:
- Bugfix with Pump and Hoses Version 1.3

Changes in v1.4:
* Correction of recipe and fill level indicators for extra wide monitors.
* Purchase price adjustment works now also with fillable purchase silos
* StoreItems via the revamp functions have mod titles again
* Lumber trigger now adjusts its text without reloading, between selling and storing

* Possibility to use animals in productions
* Hidden production lines
* Direct selling and distributing made deactivatable
* Silo- and ProductionSpawner can now store more than one item at a time
* At the silo can now be selected the seedling type, when removing corresponding pallets
* After removing a seedling pallet, the correct tree species is now displayed
* When removing logs, lengths of 1-20m can now be selected (adjustable in the XML, default 6m)
* Goods in productions are sold when selling/demolishing them
* MixMode and BoosterMode added for the whole production/production lines
* Production modes are displayed as a separate line in the overview
* New and updated translations            

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