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Valmet Series 880 980 Tractor v2.0 for FS22

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Valmet Series 880 980 Tractor v2.0 for FS22 Mod Updated to v2.0

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Download mod Valmet Series 880 980 Tractor v2.0 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game.

Valmet Series 880 980 - a classic and beloved line of Valtra Tractors In South America, being the favorite until today of several Farmers, for its power, robustness, torque and weight. The Valmet 880-980 Series is Perfect for anyone starting their Agricultural journey, whatever the area: Planting, Canavieiro, Rice, Fruit, Forestry or animal husbandry, it will serve you with several functions, options, and Designs.

Features Valmet Series 880 980:
- Brand: Valtra-Valmet
- Price: 20000$, 25000$, 30000$
- Power: 81-150 HP
- Category: Small Tractors
- Max speed: 50 km/h
- Weight: 5t
- Fuel Tank: 80L 4x2 and 4x4 Premium, and 140L on 4x4
- Wheels: Standard, Duplicated, Wide Tires, Thin Tires, Open Axles, Iron Rice Wheels, Rice Tires, Tires with Forest Chains.

Tested on game version v1.12.x
Valmet Series 880 980 Tractor v2.0 for FS22 Valmet Series 880 980 Tractor v2.0 for FS22 Valmet Series 880 980 Tractor v2.0 for FS22 Valmet Series 880 980 Tractor v2.0 for FS22 Valmet Series 880 980 Tractor v2.0 for FS22 Valmet Series 880 980 Tractor v2.0 for FS22

Changes in v2.0:
- Fixed Volume and Improved All Sound System
- Added Cabin Interior Sound
- Added Volume Up Function when Opening Cabin Door
- Removed Engine Options that are irrelevant or non-existent in Real Life
- 2000 and 2002 model totally reworked with new hood colors, side can stickers, new lanterns, new fronts and new modern Instrument Panel
- 2003 Model added
- Added Optional 985s 93' Engine
- New Weight Model for Wide Wheels
- New Front Chassis and weights for AGCO-SISU Power engine versions on 4x4 long chassis version
- Original Lizard tires with 3d reworked
- New Wheel Options and all options reworked
- Original reworked set tires containing the wheels of the tractor itself
- New Rough tires reworked and with lateral writings
- Harvester tires have now been separated into two new tire brands and removed from the Lizard.
- Worn tires added
- Auxiliary Castor Wheels without the Side Arch
- Removed Shiny Hoses and removed optional ones which passed inside the cans.
- New Semi Closed Cab
- New Cabin
- Added Cooler in Old Cabin
- Fixed front axle lock when using Blade or Front Loader
- Corrected the Vehicle Mass, now it behaves more lightly
- Reduced Dirt from Headlights
- Adjusted Valtra Logo Floating on 00' Models
- Adjusted Pa in Rice Configuration on 4x2 Version
- Differential Sound (Transmission) redone and reworked
- Adjusted Engine Carter
- Adjusted Internal Camera Rotation
- Narrow tires crumpling Culture
- Adjusted Paint Material and Gloss
- Remade the frequencies of each snore when the engine is in Effort, thus improving each optional snore
- Remade all gear ratios and added the L+ and H+ group, when using automatic transmission the game is not screwed in only one gear.
- General optimizations and improvements

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