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Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v1.0.2 for FS22

admin 13/08/23 329
Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v1.0.2 for FS22 Mod Updated to v1.0.2

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Download mod Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v1.0.2 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game. 

Departement Haut Beyleron - if you like the original Haut Beyleron but it's too small for you, then the department (county) Haut Beyleron might be right for you. Great for multiplayer. With the department (district) Haut Beyleron you get a 4-fold map that has its origins in the Haut Beyleron, so it is not simply a conversion of the map but an extension of the original Giants FR map. The map has been expanded in the style of the original map and now simply offers more areas for agriculture etc. to make it more interesting for multiplayer. My recommendation is therefore clear, the map is less made for single players without CP and AD, but rather for multiplayer or single players who have fun playing with CP and AD.

Features Departement Haut Beyleron:
- 4x map.
- Added new crops and modified plants;
- Animals can also be fed with the help of new productions;
- Increased sowing density;
- 99 fields;
- Production: linseed oil, flax fiber, peeled peas;
- New crops: spring barley, durum wheat, flax, peas.

Changes in v1.0.2:
- Since Giants messed it up again and the DLC version can no longer be activated on a Dedi server, I just have a small update for you.
- As before, you need the Platinum Expansions DLC!!! The map is now checked via script and spits out a message if you have not activated the DLC and you can only get out with Alt+F4.
- Stupid solution, but it's just a...
- Otherwise some minor bugs have been fixed

Tested on game version 1.10.x

Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v1.0.2 for FS22 Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v1.0.2 for FS22 Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v1.0.2 for FS22 Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v1.0.2 for FS22 Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v1.0.2 for FS22 Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v1.0.2 for FS22

Changes in v1.0.1:
- Fixed ball trigger at hardware store (Standard / DLC)
- Fixed the swapped activity display for the fermenters, fermenters can now be sold ( Standard / DLC )
- Bulk goods trigger at the shopping park was recognized as a collision by AD in FS22 mode, repaired ( Standard / DLC )
- Fixed faulty language file for Russian ( Standard / DLC )
- Added missing displays to productions ( Standard / DLC )
- Fixed warning when setting the goat stall ( Standard / DLC )
- Fixed double display on candy factory display ( Standard / DLC )
- fixed lua error in the straw silo extension ( standard / DLC )
- Displays at the stro & feed store renewed (standard / DLC)
- Sugar beets can now also be unloaded in the straw and feed store, which are automatically shredded into sugar beet pulp ( Standard / DLC )
- further language variables added (standard / DLC)
- Traffic light at the main courtyard slightly offset ( Standard / DLC )
- various small changes and adjustments ( standard / DLC )
- Changed triggers that blocked with FS22 AD, but not all can be adjusted. ( Default / DLC )
- new product in textile production -> cloth bag ( standard / DLC )
- Corrected the display on the log production (standard)

Download #2Download #3

Changes in v1.0:
- unknown changes
Download #1 | Download #2

Changes in v0.9:
- added new cow pasture in the south. This requires a ground adjustment for existing savegames (available from version
- Added additional decorative elements such as crash barriers or signs (available from version
- added additional markers to the feeding halls of the cowsheds ( available from version )
- the main silo now also has digital displays for the placeable version (only in connection with the Sly mod) (available from version
- Added trigger for palletless transport for raisin production (only for new savegames) (available from version
- Added trigger for the palletless transport to the small furniture factory and moved delivery and collection (available from version
- Added a trigger for the palletless transport to the small bakery, and baguettes are now also produced here and manufactured goods are sold (available from version
- adjusted the icon height of some markers in some productions ( available from version )
- Manure trigger fixed on the pig fattening (available from version
- Adjusted floor marking at sawmill 2 (available from version
- Change to Farmland 107, the recess is now removed ( available from version )
Download #1 

Changes in v0.8.5:
- Guide posts completed to 75% on the entire map (available from version
- Added lighting at the dealer ( available from version )
- Added lighting at the warehouse for wood chips and shredded goods (available from version
- added more decoration elements on the map (available from version
- The height of the gate at the wholesaler has been slightly increased, now the truck with trailer should also fit (available from version
- there are no more orders at the pig feed production (available from version
- all doors at the wholesaler are now animated (available from version 
Download #1 | Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v0.8:
- Building - Optimization at the wholesaler (available from version
- When buying pallets from the wholesaler, a filling effect was displayed, it was removed (available from version
- new product at the big baker - baguette (available from version
- various optimizations (available from version
- removed unnecessary tipColision at oil mill and potato production ( available from version )
- added more crash barriers and delineators (available from version
Download #1 | Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v0.7.9:
- the small furniture production now also needs empty pallets (available from version
- the numbers above the gates of the wholesaler are now illuminated (available from version
- fixed floating parking lot marker at gas station south/west ( available from version )
- added missing lighting in the middle of the BGA (available from version
- fixed a serious error caused by defective sales triggers in the large warehouse (available from version
- Added missing collision on 2 supports of the large warehouse (available from version
- added new displays at the farm silos, only work with Sly's mod! Only the content from the main store or main silo is currently displayed (available from version
- the symbol for order was displayed in the wrong place by the shopping park (available from version
- at the greenhouses there is now also one for unloading at the water marking to make it clearer that everything else has to be delivered there (available from version
Download #1 | Download #2 | Download #3

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