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Gnadenthal Map v1.3 for FS22

admin 20/01/23 317
Gnadenthal Map v1.3 for FS22 Mod Updated to v1.3

Required Game:
Version Game:
Iron Thunder

Download mod Gnadenthal Map v1.3 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game. 

Gnadenthal - is located in Manitoba, Canada. The map is based off the real town of Gnadenthal and the fields around it, but quite a bit of things were changed to improve gameplay.

Features Gnadenthal:

- Over 100 realistically sized fields.
- Contracts on all the fields.
- Three farms.
- Nearly 50 houses with individual farmlands and sleeping points.
- Two rivers, in which you can refill your trailers with water.
- 100 Collectibles.
- 4 Production sites.
- Refill points for seeds, solid and liquid fertilizer, lime, herbicide and salt.

Changes in v1.3:

- All sellpoints now accept modded fillTypes.
- Expanded the AI drive paths.
- Fixed the double grain elevator in the farm north of the vehicle shop.
- Fixed textures flickering inside the vehicle shop.
- Fixed invisible trees between F14,17 and F15,18.

Tested on game version 1.8.x 

Gnadenthal Map v1.3 for FS22 Gnadenthal Map v1.3 for FS22 Gnadenthal Map v1.3 for FS22 Gnadenthal Map v1.3 for FS22 Gnadenthal Map v1.3 for FS22 Gnadenthal Map v1.3 for FS22

Changes in v1.2:

- Added more roads around the fields.
- Added some missing grass around the map.
- Added placeable farmhouses with sleeping and wardrobe triggers.
- Added placeable decorations.
- Updated the mod icon.
- Fixed some houses facing the wrong way.
- Fixed the invisible shed near the animal dealer.
- Fixed Blumengart exports not accepting cotton and woodchip bales.
- Removed four fields, previously marked as F40,41,42,43 due to contracts giving too big rewards for their size.

Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.1:

- Added 100 collectibles.
- Added 4 production sites. (Flour mill, Oil mill, Bakery and Dairy).
- Added the option to sell houses, they also now have a wardrobe trigger.
- Added refill points for seed, liquid and solid fertilizer, lime, herbicide and salt.
- Added the stone crusher.
- Added a sellpoint for potatoes and sugar beets, you can no longer sell them in the Blumengart Grain sellpoint.
- Added another farm north of the shop.
- Added Methane and Electricity recharge points.
- Fixed the 31% fertilizer bug, which also made some contracts fail.
- Fixed the invisible trees near F53.
- Fixed the plowed texture on a ready to harvest field 51.
- Fixed grass going through some of the preplaced sheds.
- A new save game is required.

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