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Pallet Autoload Specialization v1.8.7.2 for FS22

31 January 2023 admin 2 450 0
Pallet Autoload Specialization v1.8.7.2 for FS22

Category - Other mods FS2019 | FS2022
Version game - v1.8.x
Credits: - Achimobil

Description about «Pallet Autoload Specialization v1.8.7.2 for FS22»:

Download mod Pallet Autoload Specialization v1.8.7.2 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game.

Pallet Autoload - this modification have a base mod for using mods with Palette Autoloader specialization. Currently only standard euro pallets, liquid tanks, big bag pallets and square cotton bales are possible, others will follow.

How to use:
– Drive next to the pallets and then with R you can load one pallet after another.
– Make sure you have selected the correct pallet type.
– The pallets are then manually loaded onto the loading bay.
Fasten your seat belts before you get behind the wheel, otherwise they will fall.
– You can select the unloading side and unload it.

Changes in v1.8.7.2:

- Enabled collision for joint when loading based on the ratchet straps from patch 1.8
- Worked around unload lua error and added log entries. When the warning occurs, the entire log should be posted to the autoloader's Discord channel.
- Platinum DLC palette sizes can now also be used for other palettes when the Platinum DLC is active

Tested on game version v1.8.x

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Reason: Mod Updated to v1.8.7.2

Screenshots with «Pallet Autoload Specialization v1.8.7.2 for FS22»
Pallet Autoload Specialization v1.8.7.2 for FS22 Pallet Autoload Specialization v1.8.7.2 for FS22 Pallet Autoload Specialization v1.8.7.2 for FS22 Pallet Autoload Specialization v1.8.7.2 for FS22 Pallet Autoload Specialization v1.8.7.2 for FS22 Pallet Autoload Specialization v1.8.7.2 for FS22

Changes in v1.8.7.1:

- Renamed modIcon.dds to icon_mod.dds because of change of Giants Guidelines.

Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.8.6:

- Fixed Lua error when triggers do not correctly report the deletion of a loading object
- Expanding the longitudinal pattern to load additional objects across behind if there is enough space
- Bale identification simplification for better mod compatibility
- Added second keybinding to toggle backwards through load type list (default: Shift + Y)

Download #2

Changes in v1.8.1:

- SV translations added
- Cotton bales simplified in recognition
- Correction for square bales with small loading areas
- Eventlistener deregistered for non AL configuration to improve performance
- Move unloading area in F1 menu only show if markers are visible.

Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.8.0.1:

- fix unloading position on dedicated server
- RU translation fixed by Nagor

Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.7.3:

- Lua Trigger error solved caused by update 1.4
- Tension Belt trigger reworked

Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.7.2:

– Watch list of the loading places is now also reset when switching off
– Autoloaders can no longer take the pallets from another autoloader’s bed (multiple trailers)
– Implemented onAIFieldWorker events
– Lashing straps now have a delay between loosening and tightening to improve server sync with patch 1.4. On the server 1.5 seconds in single player 0.2 seconds. Feedback on this is welcome.
– Pallets that have fallen or been taken down by hand are now not moved again when unloading.

Download #2

Changes in v1.6.1:

- Possibility for external mods to access the functions created

- Selected cargo is now shown as extra text in the help menu

- Palette sizes adapted to average values of new mods

- Automatic ratchet straps re-enabled on Dedi Server. Until Giants has patched this mod is necessary.

- Modders can now also make their own palettes loadable through the folder structure. Details on the wiki.

Download #2

Changes in v1.5:

- Added big bags
- Improved translations
- Automatically tighten the tension belts. Must be activated by the trailer modder (useTensionBelts="true")
- Improved bale loading on the move
- Support of Mod "Package Of Premium Pallets And Sacks"
- Support of Mod "HoT Pommes Factory"
- Added square bales 180/220/240

Download #2

Changes in v1.4.2:

- 125cm wood chips bales added

Download #2

Changes in v1.4.1:

- Size of liquid tank corrected for better loading
- Round bale loading optimized
- Icons for modder added in mod
- Translation in CZ 

Changes in v1.3.1:  

- Changes for ModHub publish

Changes in v1.3:

- Changes to mod icon and description for ModHub release
- ES added
- Loading and unloading areas can now be displayed. Default [LCTRL] + [U]
- Loading is only shown in F1 when there is something to load in order not to block refueling of a truck
- Controls are only visible when the autoloader is active to fix issues with multiple autoloaders connected 

Download #1 

Simple steps to install FS22 Mods:
- Download the mod «Pallet Autoload Specialization v1.8.7.2 for FS22»
- Copy the mod in ,,My Computer> My Documents> My Games> Farming Simulator 2022 > mods" folder
- Start the game, activate the mod

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fs22_apalletautoloader.zip [45.76 Kb] (downloads: 4)

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