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Calmsden Farm Map v1.2 By Oxygendavid for FS22

admin 30/04/22 1 823
Calmsden Farm Map v1.2 By Oxygendavid for FS22 Mod Updated to v1.2

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Download mod Calmsden Farm Map v1.2 By Oxygendavid for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game.

Calmsden Farm - is a quality new map which is based in Gloucestershire UK, added for farmers players.

Features Calmsden Farm:
- Replica of the real life farm and surroundings.
- Real life PDA map
- Custom lighting xml with deeper blue sky and darker nights
- Animations - birds flying across the map pedestrians etc.
- Custom textures with Parralax mapping
- Over 50 Hd new models made by myself.
- 36 fields with missions - small/medium/huge.
- 2 placeable areas where you can build your own production/farm.
- 5 sell points and BGA sawmill etc.
- Seasons visuals- Summer bbqs,mowers,washing lines etc Autumn - falling leaves from trees.
- collectables
- Uk license plates built into map
- Custom grass textures.
- Loads of Custom sounds.

Changes in v1.2:
- Brand new fruit "linseed"
- Custom uk Geo with linseed added
- A couple New and improved ground textures.
- Stars with Constellations at night.
- Gate Animations have now been moved to the map.
- In multiplayer all players can now open gates/doors etc.
- Fixed issue on dedicated servers where doors and gates were out of line.
- Gates collisions and scales have all been improved .
- Few collisions fixed.
- Collision in bunker removed.
- All productions can now be sold at some sell points.
- Brand new HD weed textures added to the map (Cow parsley and nettles).
- Placeables are now are bought with the land.
- Chicken pasture can now be sold without gates.
- Fixed junk in barns and horse items not removing since game patch 1.3.
- Precision farming support with custom Gloucestershire soil map.
- land for sale signs can now be sold.
- Fixed number plates turning blue in some siturations. 

- Required a new Save Game Profile.

Tested on game version v1.4.x
Calmsden Farm Map v1.2 By Oxygendavid for FS22 Calmsden Farm Map v1.2 By Oxygendavid for FS22 Calmsden Farm Map v1.2 By Oxygendavid for FS22 Calmsden Farm Map v1.2 By Oxygendavid for FS22 Calmsden Farm Map v1.2 By Oxygendavid for FS22 Calmsden Farm Map v1.2 By Oxygendavid for FS22

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  1. admin
    admin 24 April 2022 10:41 | 111 | 7 203

    Calmsden Farm Edit By Matisse212 Calmsden Farm Edit By Matisse212 Calmsden Farm Edit By Matisse212

    Calmsden Farm Edit v2.0.1 By Matisse212:

    - The main base has been redesigned, all the hangars on it have been enlarged by about 1.5 times, a small platform has been added for various purposes. The terrain at the base has been slightly changed and ennobled. Since the base was scaled up, the exterior of the base had to be completely redone, and it was made roughly similar to the default CALMSDEN map;
    - The fields near the base are also slightly redone. From the main base, a new exit was added towards the cowshed. The silo was moved to a more convenient location. In the old place of the silo, there are now hangars for loose crops (for hay, grass, etc.;
    - The city in some places has been slightly redone, different vegetation and various objects have been added. In some places on the gates and gates, collisions had to be removed to improve playability. Character respawn points have been changed, the area around the house has been slightly improved;
    - In the cowshed, the hangars have also been enlarged by almost 2 times, now you can place equipment there. The terrain around the cowshed has been slightly redone;
    - The terrain and the hangar have been redone on the BGA, silo pits have been added. A site for industrial buildings has been made not far from the BGA. Nearby there is an ennobled field for independent plowing. An asphalt road was laid to BGA;
    - The chicken coop, the stable, the sheepfold have been slightly altered. Added gates to the pigsty and the sheepfold. A passage was made to a hidden field near the stables;
    - The roads on the PDA have been corrected, but the site near the BGA is not displayed on the PDA, since the photo of the real area is embedded in the PDA and I would not want to change this photo;
    - Changed starting technique;
    - Various jambs on the map have been fixed, optimization has been done a little;
    - Improved snow mask;
    - Fixed and reduced prices for fields.