CoursePlay Mod v7.2.0.5 for FS22

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CoursePlay Mod v7.2.0.5 for FS22

Category - Other mods FS2019 | FS2022
Version game - v1.8.x
Credits: - Courseplay Dev Team

Description about «CoursePlay Mod v7.2.0.5 for FS22»:

Download CoursePlay Mod v7.2.0.5 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game.

Courseplay - is a modification for Farming Simulator 22. It allows you to have many different vehicles driving around autonomously and automatically, have them do field work, unload combines, drive fruit to selling points, fill a bunker or a trailer with a shovel, level and compact silage and much more.

Features CoursePlay:

- The ability to generate a course;
- Saving and Loading a Course;
- Work in the field, but so far without the possibility of replenishing and unloading (except for a self-unloading combine);
- There is currently no multiplayer support.

Changes in v7.2.0.5:

- Goeweil pack fix when CP HUD is active on vehicle.
- Baler won't get blocked by bale when reversing and bale is still in the baler.
- Balepusher ignore bales configurable bool for vehicleConfig.xml (only for Fieldwork!)
- Added Bale Pusher and Bale Pusher to the config as first bale pusher. 

- Changelog updated for Modhub Update

Tested on game version v1.8.x

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Screenshots with «CoursePlay Mod v7.2.0.5 for FS22»
CoursePlay Mod v7.2.0.5 for FS22 CoursePlay Mod v7.2.0.5 for FS22 CoursePlay Mod v7.2.0.5 for FS22 CoursePlay Mod v7.2.0.5 for FS22 CoursePlay Mod v7.2.0.5 for FS22 CoursePlay Mod v7.2.0.5 for FS22

Changes in v7.2.0.2:

- Fixes custom field destructor timing
- improvements for bunker silo driver
- Gui fix for non valid cp vehicles and disables the hud, while sitting in an attached vehicle (e.g. mobile Wood Crane).
- Disables a few hotspots, while drawing a field border.
- Disables shield raising while driving into the silo for now.
- Add option for Fieldwork to send driver back to start waypoint, when done with work. 

 Download #1

Changes in v7.2:

- added bunker silo mode and combine unloader mode.
- the remaining time for fieldwork is now displayed on the HUD.
- support for Universal Autoload.
- option to show the current course on the mini map.
- user setting to change between feet and meters.
- simple collision avoidance for unloaders to not crash into the combine.
- option (keybinding) for course editor to delete all waypoints until the end.
- new course visibility option (blue eye icon) to show everything
- between the leading 20 and last 5 passed waypoints.
- help menu sections for unloading combines and compacting/pushing in a bunker silo.
- countless fixes and improvements 

 Download #1

Changes in v7.1.2.6:

- The change for not unfold the combine after generating a course leads to the problem, that unfolding gets stuck;
- So the combine won't get unfolded with the start of the course;
- Need to find a better way, but for now it is better to have the combine unfold correctly. 

 Download #1

Changes in v7.1.2.5:

- fix for combine unfolding when generating a course
- fix for #2163 when island is on headland
- fix for #2175 and #2112 for better row alignment
- fix for #2165 not the best solution, but the Harvester don't drive away
- fix for custom field area for other mods (e.g. Seed Calculator)
- added new course visability option (blue eye icon) to show the 5 last and 20 next Waypoints.
- added new help menu sections for unloading combine and compacting/pushing.

 Download #1

Changes in v7.1.2.4:
- some more fixes for bunker silo driver (e.g. wrong behaviour with attached weight)
- Add wheelloader + shield and snowcat support (Volvo wheelloader needs fixes by Giants, the snowcat works with 5km/h)
Download #1

Changes in v7.1.2.2:

- Fixes AD not waiting for bunker silo driver to reach its parking position
- Few more improvements, adjustments and fixes for bunker silo driver

 Download #1

Changes in v7.1.2:

- added a minimum offset for auger wagon to trailer of 3.8m
- Slightly adjusted automatic pipe movement. Should help with
- Proximity sensor will now be turned off on the same side as the pipe and not only on the left side.
- Course rename enhancement
- added the Bunker silo driver
- added remaining time to the HUD for fieldwork

Changes in v7.1.1.6:

- fixed a bug where combines called full unloaders.
- threshold can now be lowered to 40% for auger wagons with a low max fill level when weight limit is enabled.
- add option (keybind) for course editor to delete all waypoints untill the end. 

- Other fixes and improvements

Download #2 

Changes in v7.1.1.2:

- Fix for Harvester with pipe on the right side

- Added error message for Giants AI Driver starting position too far away

- Other fixes and improvements

Download #2

Changes in v7.1.0.4:

- Basic universal autoloader implementation.
- Added safety check, so no assigned course without waypoints is getting saved.
- Fixes ai menu bug and small baler/baleloader adjustements.
- Added option to show the course on the mini map.
- Added a user setting to change between feet and meters. #1848
- Other small fixes

Download #2

Changes in v7.1.0.3:
- Added missing translation files, so every language supported by the game can be edited now.
- Added new course editor for fieldwork courses and custom field borders (more information in the help menu).
- Improved the interface for the auto load mod: FS22_aPalletAutoLoader.
- Arcusin Multipack F14 now unloads the compacted bales on the field.
- Some more fixes and enhancements.
- Vermeer DLC compatibility.
Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v7.1:

- turn off stopAtEnd setting for now
- This settings is not used anywhere.
- Should consider reactivate it, but it needs to be tested with combines and AutoDrive take over. As this will be a bit more complex, will do that after ModHub Release.
- fix: no convoy stop/slow down when self unloading #1690
- some small tweaks 

 Download #1 | Download #2

Changes in v7.0.1.18:

- fixes bale type filter not working (somehow it stopped working...)
- also add a bale size check 

- other fixes and improvements

 Download #1

Changes in v7.0.1.14:

- Soil Sampler works now for fieldwork
- Work width detection rework for #480
- fix for course start/headland and start/connecting track with offset.
- Corner settings for headland is now available in simple mode, as some user requested. 

 Download #1 

Changes in v7.0.1.13:

- PF Help Menu fix.
- Combine turns off the engine, while it's raining.
- Fixes mp bug
- Combine should not be stopped by heavy sloped terrain.
- Can skip 2 lanes on vines for mod sprayer that sprays 4 vines.
- Simple mode fixes.
- Should fix controller input on course generator settings.

- New Help menu sections: General, Info panel, symmetric lane change.
- modDesc description update.
- Fixes a bug with the vine course generator. 

 Download #1 

Changes in v7.0.1.10:

- noReverse added for some towed Plows, as they work better when not pushed back;
- gsHudVisibility 0 now works for all CP HUDs;
- Added copy and paste courses to the HUD;
- Band aid for #1329 , should now always drive to the lane offset from the HUD;
- Some more Notifications added and where they are displayed. 

 Download #1 

Changes in v7.0.1.7:

- Potato harvester self unload fix;
- fix unfolding baler;
- Saves the hud start position and lane offset;
- Should fix mp info texts;
- Added user setting to disable the player mouse event for info texts;
- Added debug channel event
- Small fix for AIMessageErrorIsFull in mp;
- Added more console commands for dev. 

 Download #1 

Changes in v7.0.1.5:

  • Infotext display added: 
    • Added a new info text window.
    • With mouse click on the message, the vehicle will be entered.
    • While the message is hovered, the vehicle name is displayed.
    • Info text are finished, empty, full, fuel almost empty, fuel empty and broken down.
    • When the driver is released with a message, then the message is only being reset,
      once a player enters the vehicle.
  • Added optional sowing machine setting. 
  • The forage wagon waits until it's completely filled now. 
  • Added setting to stop the driver, when the silage additive is empty.
  • Turn off cutter for harvesters while waiting for unloader.
  • Fuel save added for harvesters. 
  • Add option to prefer custom fields.
  • Small hud adjustments.
  • Convoy deadlock fix 
  • Another Convoy fix 
  • Fix for 180 turn offset multitool
  • Fixes hud play button not active, when driveToFieldWorkStartStrategy is active.
  • Small MP fixes

 Download #1

Changes in v7.0.1.4:

- Drive to fieldwork, unfold and lower implement just before the first or last waypoint;

- fixes LUA Error.

 Download #1

Changes in v7.0.1.3:

  • Only implements with ai marker or work area will be lowered/raised.
  • Fixed setting input text bug.
  • Fixed top/bottom page icon in then inGame menu.
  • Turn fixes
    • pathfinder turns with reverse will not
      lower implements too early
    • pathfinder and analytic turns should start lowering
      implements earlier to reduce waiting for lowering
      at the start of the row
  • Added global user setting to disable cp action event texts.
  • Setting values are now saved, instead of the current ix.
    (Should prevent similiar issues a in the future.)
  • Added proximity sensors for combines.
  • Some debug refactoring
  • Course generator fix
  • The stone picker now works the same as the giants one after the 1.3 patch.
    • Stonepickers will now wait until it's unloaded.
    • Automatic unloading also works now, similiar to the giants helper. (when you place a Trailer behind it)
    • TODO: Implement autodrive interface for unloading.
  • Fixes course rename bug.
  • Dragging a rope behind the driver. (Convoy)*
  • Course generator code refactoring

 Download #1

Changes in v7.0.1:

  • First multiplayer version. Please be kind, if something isn't working and checkout the wiki for a few more imformations.
  • Added the option to add the mod name for vehicle configuraions, as this can fix conflicts. (check Wiki for more Details!)
  • Resetting of settings by the hud and gui will now considere vehicle configurations, if necessary.
  • Invalid hud states are now invisible.
  • While a plow is attached, the tool offset settings are disabled. The driver calculates these offsets automatically.
  • Square baler are no longer slowing down. 
  • AD now starts a multi tool course with the hud lane offset applied. 
  • Turn ending fix 
  • Work width fix 
  • Changed convoy min distance to 40 and max distance to 400.
  • Removed redundant turn diameter setting.

 Download #1

Changes in v7.0.0.28:

- If there are headlands, make the last row overlap with the headland, and not as before, overlapping the second last row.
- Add bale loader for courses, fixes #615
- Field scanner improvements #837 #812
- Some small fixes 

 Download #1

Changes in v7.0.0.26:

- Headlands settings are only displayed, for numHeadlands > 0 and minor controller fix

- Added clear course buttons in the huds.

- Improved the custom field filesystem integration.

- Added content box for custom field hotspots for better interactions.

- Custom field borders can now be drawn on the AI Map (read Ingame Help section for more Details).

- Implemented a better course saving system.

- Custom fields can now be renamed.

- Show selected field

 Download #1

Changes in v7.0.0.25:

- Singplelayer folder was created at the wrong place and if the first folder was missing, save won't load.

- Adds support for field edge courses recording in the controller hud.

Download #1

Changes in v7.0.0.21:

- Turn off pathfinder turns by default;

- Drive to 1st or last waypoint with field speed;

- Implement raise/lower late/early configurable (see Wiki);

- Plow rotation in turn;

- Added a simple movable HUD (see Helpmenu in the game.);

- Pathfinder FPS boost (a lot less FPS drop, slightly longer calculation).

Download #1

Changes in v7.0.0.18:

- Some changes in the Job starting and stopping

- Show course start/end on plot

- Synchronize the cp job parameter between the in game menu and the mini gui

- Turn fix and improvement

- Added Interface function for AutoDrive

- Added the Bale wrapper

- Added Bale Loaders

- Error popup on course generator error

- Added a field margin setting to generator screen

- Articulated vehicle reversing fix

- Also fixes unfold for Ropa Harvester

- More turn fixes and improovements

- Attached harvester

- Small translation changes

Download #1

Changes in v7.0.0.16:

- Better corners when scanning fields

- End of course offset fixed (again)

- Pathfinder debug overlap box disabled

- Work width calculation fix

- Moved course display to the background behind the course generator settings fixes

- Disabled activating Cp with default keybinding

- Minor fix/refactor for course generator

- Reversing tuning

- Added imperial unit foot

- No pathfinder for simple wide turns

- Headland turn fix

Download #1

Changes in v7.0.0.11:

- Field scanner tuning

- Always use AI markers for plow offset

- Turn fix

- Wait for implements lower after turn

- Pathfinder turn fix

- Course generator fix

- Disabled Shovel/shield auto work

- Fix for percentage parameters

- Course generator settings added

- Combine pocket fix

Download #1

Simple steps to install FS22 Mods:
- Download the mod «CoursePlay Mod v7.2.0.5 for FS22»
- Copy the mod in ,,My Computer> My Documents> My Games> Farming Simulator 2022 > mods" folder
- Start the game, activate the mod

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