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Riverview Map v1.2 for FS22

admin 15/05/23 753
Riverview Map v1.2 for FS22 Mod Updated to v1.2

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Download mod Riverview Map v1.2 for FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 game.

Riverview - is a work in progress however the map is now in a fully functional state with multiple production buildings avilable to sell your goods at or purchase. There are 47 fields of which some are pastures. Your starting land has a large cow barn, house, sheds, silage clamp as well as a silo with plenty of open space for more placeables. There is a second farm that has two large Pig barns and a large Chicken barn, silo and some sheds.

Features Riverview:

- 49 fields.

- one of every base game production building placed.

- A lot of forestry area's each offering there own unique challenge.

- Cuttable hedges allowing you to extend or join fields together or just open up the land.

- Walls, fences and none cuttable hedges can be sold from around the road side, animal pastures and dirt roads.

- There are 4 farms spread around the map.

- Multiple sell points so all goods including factory goods can be sold at them.

- collectables can be found spread around the map.

- map is precision farming ready and uses a custom soil map.

Changes in v1.2:

- All sheds, barns etc now set to only to be there on new farmer mode.

- Object storage shed added to some farmyards and capacity increased to 500.

- Silo's are now multifruit.

- Sell points updated to take DLC items

- Relight removed as many said it was to bright so i've included the new custom lighting i've been working on.

- AlienJim's UK driver side AI traffic added.

- Shope owned forklight can be found at the store regardless of game difficulty for you to use.

Tested on game version v1.9.x

Riverview Map v1.2 for FS22 Riverview Map v1.2 for FS22 Riverview Map v1.2 for FS22 Riverview Map v1.2 for FS22 Riverview Map v1.2 for FS22 Riverview Map v1.2 for FS22

Changes in v2.0:

  • Added animal pens and sheds to additional farms.
  • Fixed terrain issue's at sell points.
  • Added more production buildings.
  • Added traffic splines for outer road system (this is still work in progress).
  • Updated tree types.
  • Optimized the map and replaced all of the old buildings that was causing texture problems.
  • Fixed issue with hedges been collidable, now only bales should be effected by them.
  • Work on snow mask is slow but parts of the map have now got a snow mask.
  • Split farm land up so most of those that shared plots aren't been purchased as a double plot any more.
  • Fixed none tip issue where windrows would build up in large clumps due to not been able to drop the windrow due to none tip. 

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