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Chamberg Valley Map v1.0.1 by erShaba for FS19

13 November 2021 admin 1 251 0
Chamberg Valley Map v1.0.1 by erShaba for FS19

Category - Maps FS19 | FS22
Version game - v1.7.x
Credits: - erShaba, Farming Agency
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Description about «Chamberg Valley Map v1.0.1 by erShaba for FS19»:

Download mod Chamberg Valley Map v1.0.1 by erShaba for FS19 | Farming Simulator 19 game.

Chamberg Valley - a totally imaginary place, in which you will be the owner and lord of a farm, where you will only have to worry about bringing your lands to the highest yield, you will have Silos and Warehouses to store all your crops and products to improve the performance of your land. In addition, you will have the challenge of giving life to 4 large animal stables located on the map. Apart from the cultivation of Tomato, as a great novelty in this map, you will be able to enjoy dairy sheep, yes, you read that correctly, Sheep's Milk, so treat them well !!

Features Chamberg Valley:
- Nice area;
- Preset farm (new farmer mode);
- 4 preset stables for animals, cows, horses, pigs and sheep (new farmer mode);
- Land to build your own farm and place your favorite buildings;
- 50 fields of all sizes and with the possibility of combining them;
- 8 woodlands of different areas;
- Winding terrain and excellent decoration;
- 3 silos;
- 1 Biogas;
- 1 biomass bunker;
- A wide variety of points of sale for all your products;
- Point of purchase products for maximum performance of your fields;
- More than 20 factories integrated into the map, thanks to the FillTypeConverter script;
- Storing bales thanks to the ObjectStorage script;
- New types of crops;
- Vehicles are adapted for growing tomatoes, carrots, onions;
- Support for the destruction of the crop;
- Support for Maize Plus and Horse Extension;
- Standard support for the Seasons mod;
- Support for DLC Addon Straw Harvest;
- Terrain map for DLC Precision Agriculture.

Changes in v1.0.1:
- 2 zones of fruit trees added. (Requires New Game)
- New roads have been added at different points on the map. (Requires New Game)
- Fixed the error that caused the workers not to detect some fields.
- Added new vehicles and edited base game implements.
- Now you can store the Straw and Hay Pellets. (Mod StrawHarvest required)
- Adjusted the price of the Metal Cage and Stick Cage.
- Removed water loading areas from the map. Pool and Lake.
- New products added to the points of sale.
- Adjustments in streetlights of the Cheese Factory.
- Adjustments in collisions of several buildings.
- Sheep, Cow and Pig Enclosure can now be sold without problems.
- Mixed Greenhouse added.
- New Banana Yogurt and Fruit Juice Factories.
- The green color of the information panels of the Masters has been changed to Black.
- Adjusted the sale price of Compost.
- The option to sell compost in the Biogas was added, as long as you own it.
- Adjusted sale prices of some products.
- Adjusted the productions of all the Masters.
- The Weather has been retouched.
- Other details and minor adjustments.
- New adjustments to the Snow Mask on the Map and placeable factories.
- Now you can buy a water tank in the store, which will be filled with the rain,
- Now the amberca and the lake will be filled with water by the rain.
- The Lake, the Pool and the Reservoir will show information on the amount of water they contain.
- Fruit trees will show information on the amount of fruits they contain.
- Now it will be necessary to Purify the water obtained from the Pool and the Lake.
- The prices of the products that can be sold in the Biogas were adjusted.
- Adjusted the collisions of some objects.
- Bale warehouse placeholders have been improved.
- Added 3 new areas of affordable land. (FarmLand)
- Different fruit trees were added to place.
- Different boxes were added to transport and sell the fruits obtained from fruit trees.
- New Factory added: Fruit Yogurt Production.
- Refillable Diesel Barrel was added to refuel your vehicles.
- BioDiesel Barrel was added to use in factories.
- New Plastic Box to transport the Fruit Yogurt Bottles.
- Refillable Milk Jug was added.
- Updated Collision Tip.
- The Chambergo Chicken Coop will now have capacity for 300 specimens.
- Warehouses for all kinds of products were added on the farm.
- Now the Methanol will be purchased by Drums of 500 liters.
- New store images of various products.
- Added some custom horses.

Tested on game version 1.7.x
Last edited by: admin - 13-11-2021, 20:31
Reason: Mod Updated to v1.0.1
Screenshots Mod
Chamberg Valley Map v1.0.1 by erShaba for FS19 Chamberg Valley Map v1.0.1 by erShaba for FS19 Chamberg Valley Map v1.0.1 by erShaba for FS19 Chamberg Valley Map v1.0.1 by erShaba for FS19 Chamberg Valley Map v1.0.1 by erShaba for FS19 Chamberg Valley Map v1.0.1 by erShaba for FS19

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